Saturday, 17 December 2011

Formatting is a b!t chancy

So I thought it would be easy to at least format and upload a copy of my first book, Tree of Life, so even a small circle of people would want to check it out and comment on the meme therein.

Why? because of the nearby presence of a heavily published novelist and non-fiction author (one JC Andrijeski, who has written non-fiction stuff on the late greats, Hunter S. Thompson and Carl Gustav Jung, but I can't read them until I get a credit card, I guess).

But she doesn't have illustrations, which is a whole other animal. I feel like an old person, unable to do the simplest computer stuff (some words have been modified so as not to offend people who don't like to read "shit," for example).

So I'm going to, at least temporarily, pull my baby book, Tree of Life, down from the site where it stands, and ask anyone interested to Paypal me $3 so I'll send them a Word document, which looks much better than I can make it look on Amazon, until this situation is resolved. T'anks for listening.

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